Albion Park LAC Committee Members for Season 2023/24

Please find below our Clubs Contact List for this upcoming season .
All general enquiries should be sent to the Secretary.

President – Isaac Wilson

Vice President – Sean Elphick

Secretary – Robina Dowel – info@aplac.org.au 

Treasurer – Katie Dent

Recorder – Julie Lyons

Registrar– Fernando Oiteririnho 

Uniform Officer– Brigitte Wevers & Katie Dent

Webmaster – Sean Elphick

Facebook – Vacant

Championship Officer – Vacant

Groundsmen – Colin Nicol, Troy Meyers & Isaac Wilson

Equipment Officer – Vacant

Public Officer – Brigitte Wevers

Canteen Supervisor – Vacant

General Committee – Dave Kerr, Valerie Gorrie, Natalie Sandona

First Aid Officer – Katie Dent